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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 14, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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nice in the sun, cool in the shade. few high clouds saturday then the system looks to be on track no change for clouds sunday morning and maybe sunday afternoon. plenty up in the north bay. 39. before about sunrise around 6:45. the system carved itself out all the way to southern california. so a cool night. let's hope it's a friday light. >> yes. i think we've got several factors working in our favor. we don't have any rain on the road to deal with. so let's start out with the commute in the south bay. the super commute if if you're coming up from gilroy. you are looking good this
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morning. though, as you get closer to san jose there are a handful of issues to talk about also southbound 280 at the 80 connector, a crash there and that icon you see in the top of the screen that's because all lanes of westbound great america parkway are now open after an investigation that lasted several hours overnight into a deadly crash. here's a look at northbound 280 in san jose. you can see caltrans moving along across the screen there. san mateo bridge looks good. one issue we do want to tell you about. this is southbound 280 just north of highway 1 in daily city. there is a tow truck on the scene. so hopefully it's on its way to being cleared up. let's go back to the desk. an arrest in san jose where
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a man is accused of shooting a teenager on the freeway. video showing 33-year-old jose louise blanco. two guns and methamphetamine were found at his home. a 17-year-old boy was hurt. the highway was shut down for several hours. at the time chp said the shooting was gang related. authorities say these two men on your screen 20-year-old matthew sloan and 18-year-old lorenzo green. they arrested sloan in a nearby neighborhood and they say green ran into a children's center. authorities later arrested green after finding him hiding in a garbage can. police in santa clara
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arrested a suspect for the sexual assault in february of a santa clara university student. police arrested 20-year-old brendan newen forby with intent to commit rape and kidnapping. the victim was attacked on a sidewalk two blocks from santa clara university. that victim fought back and the suspect ran away. police say they were able to link him to the assault. police in san francisco are looking for a group of teenagers who robbed a woman on an muni bus. a group of about ten teenagers punched her took her phone and wallet and ran off. time now 4:33. authorities in oakland trying to determine the source of a hazmat
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scare yesterday. this is just off interstate 580. oakland fire officials and the hazmat team responded to reports of a meth lab operating in an apartment. they're still trying to identify what the materials were. although they don't believe there was anything hazardous. a person living in that apartment unit is being questioned. fire crews in cuppertino are investigating a fire. in this video from sky fox you can see how the fire just burned through the roof of the home on floravista avenue. no word yet on what caused it. there's also no word on what caused it. time is 4:34. it looks like bart may be able to avoid some service cuts after an unexpected windfall of (1) 600-0000 from the state.
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bart was originally expected to make budget cuts including cutting some of the early morning services. but after a meeting yesterday the bart board decided it won't be necessary. bart will also keep the 62.5% discount for senior citizens and the disabled. some of the riders we talked to say they want to see bart manage its money better. >> bart just needs to manage its resources more properly and i'd like to see more of the funds spent on the infrastructure and the customers and less on the management. paper tickets will now cost $0.50. more protests are planning
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plan in chicago. he suffered a lost toodz and he suffered a broken nose. dow's daughter and their family are still recovering and are now planning to sue. >> we were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what happened to him and to see what happened to him. >> we want respect and we want dignity. that's it. not a big deal. this seems so simple. >> yesterday executives from united and chicago's aviation department were questioned at a city council meeting in chicago. three aviation security officials have been suspended as a result of the incident. your time now 4:36. the families of people who committed suicide on the golden gate bridge had a special
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ceremony yesterday. they marked the beginning of the suicide obstruction. >> after years of long debate a steal net is finally being placed around the bridge and family members say they hope it will save lives. >> it's a symbol of how much we care. it's a symbol of how much we love our loved ones but after that the other people who are going to continue to jump every 10 days. >> just last year 39 people committed suicide by jumped off the golden gate bridge. it's expected to be finished by the year 2021. looked like this for much of the afternoon. a spokes person said the city forgot to renew the domain. the home page was back up and running around 6:00 p.m. yesterday. our time is 4:37. in the summertime it can be hard
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for some teenagers in oakland to find a part time or summer job. thanks to effort by the community finding jobs and internships may be getting easier now. many young people are thinking about careers rather than just a temporary job. >> it may have been part field trip part fishing expedition. some came looking for work for more than 100 different employers. others are looking further into the future. >> i was looking for a summer job like a safeway or 711 that i can get quick money for to get ready for college. but now that these long term programs are here i'm more interested in a career. >> we first met this 17-year-old when he was talking to a job recruiter for the fbi.
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times have changed for the better in oakland where businesses are coming in creating more opportunities. oakland's unemployment rate in february was 4.8% below the state average of 5%. >> you don't have to be a tech to survive in the bay area. there are entry level positions that will ease you in to these higher level position. >> employers actually check the social media site. if you're looking for an opportunity, if you're looking for work be sensitive to the information you're putting on social media. >>. >> we hired four people so great. >> it usually begins with just getting a foot in the door.
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ktvu fox 2 news. time is 4:39. nasa made an amazing discovery. coming up at 5 k a moon that's right in our solar system. >> plus, a celebration at the san jose airport. the newest edition to the international terminal. >> well traffic looks good on the golden gate bridge at this hour. also bay bridge toll plaza. we'll have a look at the commute coming up. >> skies have cleared out for the most part and it's a cool one out there. it does look like a nice day and no we're not forecasting any rain here.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time now 4:42 new this morning in vacaville police are investigating a shooting late
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last night where three people were critically hurt. just after midnight police received several 911 calls of gunshots at an apartment compleksz on gian way. when police arrived they found three people shot. now the investigation is still going on. if you have any information call vacaville police. now to a story of an 11-year-old boy in concord and his therapy dog. earlier this week we told you about carson who was heart broken after his dog fin went missing for twelve days. when they came home they found fin had pushed open the side gate and hadn't returned. but twelve days later a neighbor spotted a dog by a creek two miles from the family's home. >> it was emotional because he was covered in a blanket and he was very wet and muddy. so i was just very happy to see him. >> he's basically my everything. he's like basically all my heart
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is. he broke my heart and made it bigger. >> fin was taken to the vet to be checked out and is doing fine. carson was diagnosed with vanishing twin syndrome so he says he's really glad to have fin back at home with him. >> welcome home, fin. great story. time is 4:44. we're going to get you out the door right now. allie rasmus has the traffic. >> things are looking good. we're going to start with the super commute. here's the map we're going to show you and you see a lot of green there. it's not any slowing at all as you go through the altimontpass. there was an earlier crash that happened there. it's been cleareded out of the way but you can see it is still tying up traffic. bay bridge toll plaza looks slow
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for the cash lanes but if you have a fastrak it's looking good. time now is 4:45 and i'll send it over to steve. >> all right allie thank you. i'm not going to worry about it and neither should you. otherwise we are clear but the active pattern is taking a lull for the next couple of days. friday, looks good. nice cold this morning. it will be sunny. mostly sunny on saturday. cloudy in the morning. rain in the afternoon. no change from that. we've been talking about it all morning long and i see the same thing. mostly cloudy here except for the cloud cover up north. still some light rain kind of triggering around arcadea. there's a little cool air behind
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that system. 30s. airport's now 39. santa rosa's in there in the upper 30s as well. low 40s for others. give it time. i think we'll see some 30s about 6:00, 7:00. and santa cruz at 41. speaking of those 30s above los gatos. and so cal check engine there. if it feels colder to you it is compared to 24 hours ago. fairfield and santa rosa down double digits and livermore's down as well. upper 30s for ukiah and low 30s around lake county. around and lake tahoe, the teens. many teens showing up. once we get cranked up it will be a nice day. one of those days if you're in the sun probably feels good. it will be a nice day and it will be a dry day. so 60s on the temps. maybe a few upper 50s to some. but low to mid 50s.
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we're still running to below average. cloudy in the morning. again those egg hunting activities get them done early. by about noon and 1:00. >> we'll keep the umbrellas handy. >> yes, at least through next wednesday. >> thank you steve. boeing watched the first ever flight of their brand new 737 max 9 plane. with three extra roads that can carry more passengers. the company also says that this new jet uses 14% less fuel than the most efficient plane on the market. the flight out of washington state took two hours and 13 minutes. the flight testing are to make sure the planes are safe for passenger flights. celebrating the expansion of the international terminal. yesterday a ribbon county was held. the expansion includes a new baggage claim area and a temperature controlled waiting
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area for the friends and family members of arriving passengers. our time is now 4:48. last night the giants lost to the colorado rockies 3-1 and it was an emotional game too. brandon crawford was there but he came back to los angeles where his sister died. the giants have now lost all three games that madison bumgarner. when he gave up a 2 run homer and the team just couldn't bounce back. eduardo nunez. well the oakland a's lost to the kansas city royals last night. the score was also 3-1. the royals jumped out to a 2 run lead in the 1st and they never looked back. the defense of the a's let them down again. they made two more errors last night. they have 11 for the season already. tied for the worst in the
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league. tonight they'll be hosting houston at the coliseum. well the warriors are getting at it this weekend. the playoffs begin. a lot of areas are going to be honoring them today. this is actually the fifth year in a row the warriors are coming to the playoffs. >> also tonight ktvu is doing something special. we're bringing you the latest, the new 11:00 news will kick off with frank somerville and julie haener. right after the 10:00 news. we hope you'll join us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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drones are now banned in parts of sacramento county. the district made the decision earlier this week to ban them in certain county parks. the chief park raerng said he pushed for the ban to keep people and some animals from getting hurt. they understand the safety concerns. >> right now it's like almost like the wild west out here where someone can just pick up a drone. do whatever they please. they can go fly it recklessly. >> anyone caught flying a drone at parks in sacramento county will be fined $54. j.c.penny's now plans on delaying closures. they announced the store closures. the effected stores have seen
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better than expected sales. store closures won't begin until july 31st. the only bay area store due to close is in richmond in the hill top mall. the fcc announced the winners of an auction of broadcast airways as it repurposes the television spectrum for broad band. t-mobile is the big winner. the company says it plans to use the air waves to boost its net work. nationwide 175 tv stations sold to spectrum. they include kron channel 4 and kmfy channel 20. both are expect today remain on the air with a new channel assignment. so for viewers that might have to rescan your television if you can get your signal over antenna. our time is 4:53 and if
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you're looking for something to do this weekend it's a great time to head to the park since national parks are free this weekend. >> you can head to san francisco where the 50th northern california cherry blossom festival continues for the second weekend in japantown. and then on sunday, the grand parade starts at 1:00. zombie lovers unite at walkers stalkathon. >> and there are several easter egg hunts and plans planned throughout the bay. takes place in golden gate park. there's gear deli square. easter fest ral and on sunday there will be food, music, and crafts at the easter parade spring celebration. >> and the easter hat bread
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kicks off at 10:30 on saturday. complete with face painting and a petting zoo. >> and it sounds like the weather will be cooperating for the morning activities. now when it comes to sports a's, giants, and quakes are at home. the sharks continue their post season push and the warriors take on portland trail blazers at oracle on easter sunday for the first round of the playoffs. happening tonight the nhl playoffs san jose sharks looking to take a 2-0 serious lead against the edmundton oilers. 3-2. ed mundton jumped out for a 2-0 lead. whether the sharks were or not. time is 4:55. if you love the warriors you might want to wear blue and gold
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today. oakland mayor libby shaft and san francisco mayor ed lee declared today warriors friday. on sunday the warriors will host the portland trail blazers and to show support for the warriors san francisco will light up city hall as well as koit tower in the team's colors. time now is 4:56. president trump follows up on a campaign promise. the new information this morning on a massive bomb dropped on isis target dropped in afghanistan. >> and a planned farmer's market tomorrow in berkley won't be open tomorrow. we'll tell you the reason why. >> and coming up we're going to take a look at two crashes in the south bay and your south bay super commute. for how highway 24 looks good at this hour. >> it is a little cold out there
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this morning. many 30s, 40s, but it will be a sunny dry day. there won't be any rain today.
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good morning. new information about the damage caused in afghanistan. what is being called the mother of all bombs. we'll tell you what was hit and
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what this means for the trump administration. >> we will give you a look at a road that was hit by a landslide. mud, trees, and rocks on that roadway right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. here we are on a friday morning. the lights of san francisco and the bridge glittering in this picture. we don't see those rain drops. >> no. >> that we've seen on the screen for so many days this this week because today is your day to get it done. yard work. out door activity. steve paulson is monitoring that. thank you for joining us for mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark good morning. speaking of steve paulson. he's right over there. >> no way. >> it is cold out there this morning. this time of year for us it's a chill in the morning air and a little bite i might add.
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unless you're up north crescent city, ukiah. for us it's just a few clouds. it will be nice. saturday will be the warmest day and then we cloud it up again on sunday. 30s already for santa rosa and napa. a lot of 40s here and many 30s to the north. also for padaloma. sunshine today but on the cool side. it will be on the dry side as well. 60s for temps low to mid. art allie it's 5:00 and tell me there's not much going on. >> it looks pretty good in most parts of the bay area if you're headed out. let's start with the super commute. things look good. there is just


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